ABAR Office

ABAR began operating in the spring of 2006. ABAR is a member of the Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers and holds a rank in Management and Planning in the Department of Residential, Commercial and Office Buildings, based on his experiences working with the private sector. Designing dozens of projects with different uses ranging from commercial, administrative, cultural and residential uses is the product of this office’s years of activity.

The members of ABAR have been trying to pursue their intellectual problems seriously in finding the right answers to any project that came from the context they belonged to. Discovering a logical relationship between the city and the building with the emphasis on the cultural climate of Mashhad is an important part of this issue. ABAR‘s team at Architecture Studios, Urban Studies, Art Design, and Experimental Research has provided the background for realizing the above projects. Placing ABAR‘s projects among a selection of competitors such as the Grand Architect Award, the Iranian Architecture Award, and the Venice Biennale is part of the achievements of this 15-year effort.


Abbas Fadaee

Architect Assistant

Soheil Qods Nabavi

Architect Assistant

Mahdieh Mirzaee

Architect Assistant

Ali Vafaee

Architect Assistant

Farajollah Sadeghi

Construction Supervisor

Reza Ashraf Yazdi

R&D Director

Mostafa Delbarian

Media Director

Maryam Khazaee


Hamidreza Shivaeian

Construction Manager | Marketing Manager

Mohammad Khodaee

Construction Assistant

Saeed Tahghighi

Construction Assistant

Sheyda Ramezanpour

Office Administrator

Husein Ghorbani


Amir Olama

IT Support

past member

Azam Soleymani

Navid Maani Ghafoori

Sajedeh Mohammadi

Fatemeh Daneshvar

Masoud Erfanian

Susan Shabani

Ahmad Farahi

Mona Rashidi

Seyed Javad Akhtarian

Azar Davoodi

Seyedeh Sara Javadpour

Ali Azarian

Komeil Beyk

Seyed Sadegh Hashemi

Nooshin Asghari

Fahimeh Bagheri

Mohammad Rajabzadeh

Toktam Jafarzadeh

Behnaz Pooya

Farzaneh Ahmadi

Sanaz Saeedi

Elham Ehsanfard

Reza Fatemi nejad

Lida Pirayesh moghaddam