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In this project, the client requested to design one apartment with four levels. In our opinion of us as a designer, this project can be as one apartment with a novel view and concentration on the urban façade. Regarding the demand of the client, the position of spaces was planned in this pattern: bedrooms in the south and public rooms on the north side like the residential buildings in the neighborhood of the project.

However, after analyzing the position of the land, we understand that the building has a special view from the south to Ferdowsi University and also the south heights of Mashhad. Moreover, the south light can warm the living room in the cold winter season of Mashhad, so we decided to change the location of spaces: the bedroom was shifted to the north side and other spaces were moved to the south side.

Besides that, for the request for an urban façade and attention to the analysis of adjacent buildings, we decided to harmonize the geometry of the major façade with the neighborhood’s west and east buildings. As a result of this decision, we used the horizontal and vertical lines for the representation of geometry the word robs is a good answer for this issue.

At first, word robs are a device to diversify façade. We improved the design of the façade from a typical form by shifting the location of words robs the whole horizontal and vertical elements of the façade can play as warp and wood in the building for this reason. Some of these lines continued inside the project.

 Even though the major façade of the project is situated in the cold zone of land, the word robs can be regarded as abstracted to enter cold weather from outside to inside, and also we added pots of flowers in front of windows for this issue.

After that, we used white travertine stone as finishing material for more matching to adjacent facades this material.

However, for the wood-covered vertical sections of the façade, we arranged the wooden material to cover at least one space on each level.

Overall, it can be felt good and nice sense with using vertical windows, wooden elements, and also pots of flowers on the terrace. This project was a different and specific experience because we succeeded to satisfy the owner’s demand to have a suitable home, and also presented the multi-level apartments with a novel and creative approach with respect to the urban façade.

Location Mashhad, Iran

Client Sohrab Motie'

Year 2014

Status Completed

Program Residential

Team Javad Khodaee, Hesam-Al-Din Ban Sefat, Farajollah Sadeghi, Azam Soleimani, Hamidreza Shivaeian, Seyedeh Sara Javadpoor Reza Ashraf Yazdi, Navid Maani Ghafouri

Photo Abbas Fadaee, Mojtaba Enayati

Collaborators Sohrab Motie'(Construction), Saeed Baradaran Hemati(Structure), (Electrical), (Mechanical)

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