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Nowadays, many houses neither have a yard and nor have a life. Having been completely wiped out from the common residential typologies, yards have lost their vitality due to the loss of their visual contact with the sky which has been resulted from the extensive land trades and also the infill urban structures. “Hayaat-maan” project is a practice on the different methods of reducing the mass to make the maximum open space for its residents. Each of these open spaces has its own share of the sky.

Location Mashhad, Iran

Client Mr. Khorsandi

Year 2016-present

Status Stop construction

Program Residential

Team Javad Khodaee, Abbas Fadaee, Mahdieh Mirzaee, Noushin Asghari, Farajollah Sadeghi, Azam Soleimani, Reza Ashraf Yazdi, Mostafa Delbarian, Navid Maani Ghafouri

Collaborators Zhian(Construction), Ra'fati(Structure), Rahimi(Electrical), Mahdi Pezeshki(Mechanical)

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