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How can the architecture accompany its curious audience in the experience of exploring space?
Like a playful child who is looking for an opportunity in his subconscious to discover, experience and Flânerie through space.
The exploration of “in-betweens”, the spaces which are inside and outside.
Exploring is an effort to arouse; arousing all sensory aspects that are not expected from space.

Location Shandiz, Iran

Client Dr. Pezeshki

Year 2017-present

Status Under construction

Program Villa

Team Javad Khodaee, Abbas Fadaee, Mahdieh Mirzaee, Soheil Qods Nabavi, Farajollah Sadeghi, Azam Soleimani, Reza Ashraf Yazdi, Mostafa Delbarian, Navid Maani Ghafouri

Collaborators Hamidreza Shivaeian(Construction), Hooman Movahed(Structure), Mohammadreza ZarrinKhoo(Electrical), Mahdi Pezeshki rad(Mechanical)

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