-43m2 Building

-43m2 Building

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Due to the adjacency with the main religious tourism hub of Mashhad, the central core of the urban texture of this city holds high valued lands. To encourage the landowners to setback their buildings from the pedestrian pathways, the footprint of most of these lands is 100% of their total area, which consequently will leave no open spaces for them.

The reduction of the allowed built area which has been permitted by the municipality as a trading way has been a challenging issue for the designers. In this regard, the improvement of the quality of inside and outside of the building has been made possible by reducing 43 square meters from the total mass of the building.

Regarding the municipality license, the client supposed that 5 repeated units with 100 m2 area each has to be constructed.
Due to the diversity of the building’s users, the suggested program by the client which was a common answer had to be changed. Configuring different open spaces in the section of the building was a great help to bring that diversity into each unit, avoiding the repetition of the units. Not only in the program of the building but also in designing the facade, these voids abled us to change the common existing patterns.

Location Mashhad, Iran

Client Masoud Soleimani

Year 2018

Status Completed

Program Residential

Team Javad Khodaee, Abbas Fadaee, Ali Azarian, Mohammadsadegh Hashemi, Farajollah Sadeghi, Azam Soleimani, Reza Ashraf Yazdi, Masoud Erfanian, Ahmad Farahi, Mona Rashidi, Sousan Shabani, Mostafa Delbarian

Photo Mostafa Delbarian, Abbas Fadaee

Collaborators Masoud Soleimani (Construction), Morteza Kahnamouee (Structure), Mohammadreza Zarrinkhoo (Electrical), Mahdi pezeshki (Mechanical),

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